Image of Daydreams Evidence Bag #2

Daydreams Evidence Bag #2

$45.00 - Sold out

This heavy evidence bag comes with ALL of the latest KARDIAC merch! Don't become a victim by missing out on this killer package.

Bag #2 comes with:
One (1) Daydreams CD
One (1) Black Daydreams T-shirt
One (1) Charcoal Gray Daydreams T-shirt
One (1) Beanie Hat (black or gray, chosen randomly)
One (1) KARDIAC Dog Tag
One (1) Daydreams Keychain
One (1) Crime Scene Bracelet
One (1) Daydreams Poster

There's a lot of evidence in Bag #2, but you'll help take the heat off of KARDIAC! Shipping is FREE for U.S. orders. These designs will not be re-pressed, so grab it before KARDIAC catches a death row sentence.

Orders will be shipped before the official release date (March 6th). U.S. orders will be shipped via Priority Flat Rate packages; INTL orders will be shipped via First Class packages.

If you have questions about the merch and/or shipping, email: KARDIACMusic@gmail.com.

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